Our Programs

Experience Canadian education in Cameroon!!!

The Canadian College of Cameroon(CCC) offers a complete bilingual secondary First and Second cycle to students from Form 1 to Lower Sixth.

The college offers three programs:

The Hybrid program (Anglo- Saxon and French systems), The Canadian program and the pre-university program.

The Hybrid program: This program offers the possibility to students from Form 1 to Upper sixth to study the Cameroonian program and workshop from the Canadian Curriculum.

The Canadian program: This program is offered to students of Lower or Upper Sixth classes. It’s allowing the student to obtain the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (equivalent of GCE Advance Level).

The university preparatory program: This program is offered to students who already hold the Cameroonian Baccalaureate. It allows the student to prepare to integrate the best universities in the world. The student obtains the American Baccalaureate (American Secondary School Diploma) or the Canadian Baccalaureate (Ontario Secondary School Diploma) at the end of his/her training.

The advantages of studying at the Canadian College of Cameroon (CCC).

– Obtaining an international diploma recognized by all universities in the world.

– Guaranteed enrollment in major universities.

– Visas and counselling services.

– Possibility to study online from anywhere in the world.

– Guaranteed scholarship in certain universities in Canada and the USA.

– Students can do the French Baccalaureate without the need to pass Probatoire.

– For English speakers, students will spend only one year after obtaining the GCE Ordinary Level instead of two years to obtain the GCE – Advance Level.

-The virtual learning system allow independent students to study from home anywhere they are.